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All four members of The Beatles owned Mini Cooper vehicles


Bonus facts

All four members of The Beatles owned Mini Cooper vehicles, and they were all given as gifts from Beatles manager Brian Epstein and customized by Harold Radford Coachbuilders.

In 1967, Paul’s 1965 Mini Cooper S was crashed by a friend while McCartney was at a party — but it was believed Paul had been in the car at the time and caused a great scare that he had been killed in the accident, though it was not true.

George’s Mini was given a psychedelic paint job, just like a Rolls Royce of John’s. The psychedelic Mini was featured in the Beatles movie Magical Mystery Tour. In 2009, Mini produced a special edition Magical Mystery Mini Cooper S for Mini’s 50th anniversary. It was a single production vehicle, and given to Harrison’s widow.

Ringo’s Radford de Ville Mini Cooper had something extra special about it: he added a hatch in the back to make sure his drum kit could fit.

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