Did You Know?


The inventor of the cruise control was blind


Bonus facts The inventor of the cruise control was blind. Ralph R. Teetor – an accident left Teetor blind at age 5. Inspired by the story of Thomas Edison, Teetor began working with machinery and by age 13 had built an automobile capable of traveling 25 mph. Teetor’s increased sensitivity of touch and hearing gave him an…

One horse does not have one horsepower


The number of “horsepower” that comes advertised with your vehicle represents a basic unit of mechanical power that can be assessed in various ways. Some technical ones involve converting one horsepower to 745 watts, or in a physical conversion, 33,000 foot-pounds of torque per minute. By these measurements, a real horse averages only about .7…

Aston Martin shut down in 1915. Both Martin and Bramford joined the military and the company’s machinery was sold to Sopworth Aviation Company


Bonus facts Aston Martin has been James Bond’s vehicle of choice in the movies Goldfinger and Thunderball, specifically the Aston Martin DB5. The original DB5 from Goldfinger, driven by Sir Sean Connery, was originally sold for only £5,000. When it was sold at auction in 2006, it reached over seven figures, coming in at one…

Ferdinand Porsche, the eponymous founder of the company, made the world’s first hybrid electric vehicle in 1899


The Lohner-Porsche “Semper Vivus” was essentially an electric car with an internal combustion motor used as a generator. It was also the first car with brakes on all four wheels. Ferdinand Porsche, one of Lohner´s employees developed a drive system based on fitting an electric motor to each front wheel without transmissions (hub mounted). Vehicles…