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Nike’s Slogan Originated From a Convicted Killer


Nike’s Slogan Originated From a Convicted Killer

“Just do it” has been a famous slogan that Nike has been using for many years now. But most people probably did not know that its origins stemmed from Gary Gilmore, who was executed for two murders in 1977. When asked for any final words prior to his execution, Gilmore simple replied, “Let’s do it.” Dan Wieden, the founder of Wieden+Kennedy advertising agency, used this quote as inspiration to launch the “Just do it” campaign in 1988.Interestingly, Nike did not like the idea at all but when the slogan was debuted in the TV commercial, it was the beginning of a new era for Nike, Wieden added. Utilizing that campaign, Nike was able to greatly increase its market share in North America over the next decade.


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