Did You Know?

Simo Häyhä with 505 confirmed kills is the most successful sniper in military history


Nicknamed as “White Death”

Simo Häyhä was nicknamed “White Death” because he wore totally white camouflage and eerie white mask in combat.

Did not use optics

Häyhä recorded all of his sniper kills without using an optic. He used Finnish M/28-30 rifle.

Only 505 kills?

Even with 505 confirmed kills Häyhä is not within the reach of any other sniper. Yet, he also recorded 200 more kills with a submachine gun.

Just for comparison

Chris Kyle, the guy who is depicted in the movie American Sniper, even though legendary, has only 160 confirmed kills. Thus, with 500+ kills Häyhä is simply the god of all snipers.

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