Did You Know?

The busiest Tube station in London is Oxford Circus. It was used by around 98 million passengers in 2014.


Oh my goodness. We knew that the London tube (a.k.a subway) was big but this is too much. As of adding this fact, there is a strike in London and we can only imagine what a disaster it might be.

Bonus facts

London’s tube is such an interesting topic, we thought you would like to know some more facts.

World War II

Many tube stations were used as air-raid shelters during the Second World War. Moreover, the Central Line was converted into a fighter aircraft factory.


The average speed is 20.5 miles per hour including station stops but on the Metropolitan line, trains can reach over 60mph.


The total length of the London Underground network is 250 miles.

Surprising Facts

Over 47 million liters of water are pumped from the Tube each day. We don’t even want to think what may happen in case of those pumps coming still.

In 1924 the first baby was born on the Underground. That happened on a train at Elephant & Castle on the Bakerloo line.

What’s in the Name?

Do you know why it is called Tube? The name has been around since 1890 due to the shape of the tunnels. The Underground name first appeared on stations in 1908.

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