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The Fate of Richard III


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Everyone knew England’s King Richard III was killed around the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, but no one was entirely sure what kind of fate he met. Some suggested he was killed on the field of battle, while others claim he was captured and executed afterwards. Without any remains, it was impossible for historians to say with any kind of certainly.

Richard III lived from 1452 to 1485, only ruled for two years, and was the last king to die on the battlefield. He has been portrayed in varying ways in English literature throughout the centuries, and while fascination with this historical figure endured, the location of his remains were a mystery.

But in 2012, researchers located a skeleton under a car park in Leicester. The remains were ascertained to be those of King Richard and anthropologists and forensic scientists were finally able to figure out exactly how he met his demise. It was discovered that Richard suffered numerous fatal blows that killed him.

Professor Guy Rutty, from the University of Leicester, said:

The most likely injuries to have caused the king’s death are the two to the inferior aspect of the skull – a large sharp force trauma possibly from a sword or staff weapon, such as a halberd or bill, and a penetrating injury from the tip of an edged weapon.

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