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The Infamous Coca-Cola Blak


Bonus facts

Some things should never be combined. Coffee and soda are one of them. Released in 2006, the idea behind the coffee-flavored soda (called Coca-Cola Blak) was simple: capture the massive amount of coffee drinkers in the world and provide them a way to enjoy their favorite treat, soda-style. Easier said than done, as Coca-Cola Blak’s rollout didn’t exactly go as planned. On April 3rd, the drink was officially launched in the United States. Only two years later, the drink was discontinued. Like a bad dream, by 2009, there wasn’t a trace left of the oddball soft drink. Although there are plenty of weird flavors still in circulation, Blak is still in retirement.

This unique drink in the United States was sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, aspartame and acesulfame potassium. While in France and Canada, they replaced the high fructose corn syrup with sugar. It was found that the French version of this drink was less sweet and contained more coffee flavor.

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