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The reason most women instinctively open their mouths when applying mascara?


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The reason most women instinctively open their mouths when applying mascara? It’s actually easier not to blink when your mouth is open.

Although mascara has been around a long time, the mascara that we are now familiar with was invented by the French perfumer, Eugéne Rimmel, in the 1830’s. His invention became so popular that still to this day, the term “rimmel” translates to the word “mascara” in several languages, including French, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, and Arabic.

In the 1930’s, there was a product market in the US, called ‘Lash Lure’. This product was hailed as a permanent lash dye, but was banned after more than a dozen women were blinded by it. This was one of the incidents that lead to the cosmetics industry being regulated.

Mascara is one of the few makeup products that actually goes out of date. You shouldn’t be using mascara that is more than three months old.

Rimmel technically invented the first mascara, but 19-year-old Chicagoan, Tom Lyle Williams, created the first modern, mass-market variety. Williams’ first product was called Lash-Brow-ine, but he later changed it to Maybelline Cake Mascara. The name Maybelline was a combination of the product’s base ingredient, Vaseline, and the name of the woman who inspired it, his sister Mabel.

Don’t worry, it’s not enough to harm you, but it is an interesting fact that, while mercury is banned from all other makeup products, it is still allowed in mascara, because there is no other alternative ingredient.

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